Turbo Power Plus
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Turbo Power Plus

Liquid Mineral Supplement

Super Immunity, Super Energy Formula

This product contains:

  • Over 72 naturally occurring, plant based minerals (Bio-Mineral Matrix)
  • 17 powerful antioxidants
  • 47 vitamins, enzymes, herbs, and super nutrients
  • With Aloe Vera, Noni, Maqui Berry, and Acai


The BioMineral Matrix was developed to provide the highest absorbability of minerals for our customers.

We've been told the story of the Garden of Eden, that pristine paradise created for the use and benefit of mankind.  In it was everything man needed:  just the right temperature, just the right environment and just the right food.  Plants grown from soil rich in nutrients probably nourished early man with all of the nutrients required for optimum health.  

It is this lush richness of plant derived minerals  (BioMineral Matrix) rain forests and rich undergrowth that comprise the Miracle of the BioMineral Matrix.  Scientists tell us that years ago the earth's mineral-rich soil produced plant life loaded with the mineral that occurred naturally in the soil before modern man depleted these minerals through urbanization and farming.  These mineral-rih slils contained at least 84 minerals which were assimilated into the Plant Derived Minerals (BioMineral Matrix) plant systems and consumed by the animals of the day.  These plants were unlike the vegetation we have today in that they were loaded with minerals not found in our depleted soils.  This explains why a plant-eating Brontosaurus, which reached a body weight of over 70,000 with a mouth no larger than that of a horse, could thrive on a diet solely comprised of vegetation.

As this mineral rich vegetation died, it accumulated in piles over the years and was eventually buried by mud flows and deposits of sand and silt.  The weight and heat from this overflow compressed this vegetation and formed deposits of pure, dried, Plant Derived Minerals (BioMineral Matrix) known as humic shale.  This humic shale contains all of the minerals naturally occurring in the vegetation.  It is from this humic shale that the Biomineral Matrix is obtained.


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Turbo Power Plus

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